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Jewish Heritage

Follow the traces of the Jewish settlement in the Central Moravia and recall the difficult fate of the nation. Even though forced into ghettos between the 13th and 19th centuries, the Jews developed distinctive living culture which captures our imagination with its uniqueness and certain magic.

The oldest preserved synagogue in Moravia (second oldest in the Czech Republic) is in Lipník nad Bečvou where two Jewish cemeteries are located too. The synagogue in nearby town Hranice was built in Moorish-Byzantine style; today it serves as a concert and exhibition hall. Former Jewish synagogues and cemeteries are also in Přerov and Kojetín. A ceremonial hall decorated by Hebrew inscriptions is a part of the Tovačov Jewish cemetery, built by the architect Max Fleischer; it serves as a museum of Jewish burial ritual and the history of the Jewish community in Tovačov. Preserved synagogues and cemeteries prove prominent Jewish settlements in towns Úsov and Loštice. The pews in the Loštice synagogue serve as a symbolic memorial to the holocaust victims from Loštice, Mohelnice, Úsov, and Litovel.