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Taste Haná

The Central Moravia region has historically boasted diverse cuisine and numerous culinary specialities. In a new project, Central Moravia returns to the distinctive original gastronomy which builds on the tradition and history of the Haná region, and the use of local ingredients. Ochutnejte Hanou (Taste Haná) is a project supporting traditional regional cuisine with the aim of returning original recipes and dishes prepared with local seasonal ingredients to local restaurants. So don't hesitate and Taste Haná!


Right now and all the time. Ours is not a short-term initiative that would start one day and end the next. We want to support and present traditional cuisine and regional products in the long run. You can taste Haná throughout the whole year, in summer and winter, this year and in all the years to come.


Visit any of the partner restaurants and explore the traditional local cuisine. Restaurants that are offering traditional Haná dishes or original cuisine as part of their menu can be found in the section Where to eat and drink. These restaurants must meet at least two of the following three criteria: 1) the dishes are prepared according to a traditional recipe from the cookbooks of the indigenous people of Haná; 2) at least one of the main ingredients to prepare the meals comes from local food producers; 3) the food is made from scratch (i.e., is not made using any ready-to-cook packaged products - the restaurants make their own bread, dumplings, cakes, etc.).


In addition to cuisine, our aim is to familiarize the inhabitants and visitors of Central Moravia with local vendors and producers of regional products (be it meat products, dairy products, honey, beer, or fruit and vegetables from local farms). You can find the list in the section Regional producs.

Our thanks go to Olomouc Region and Kudy z nudy for their support of this project.


The project Rozvoj cestovního ruchu na Střední Moravě (Development of Tourism in Central Moravia) was implemented with the financial participation of the Olomouc Region.

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Ochutnejte Hanou II (Střední Morava - SCR)


Taste of Haná

Taste of Haná

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