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This three-day package is designed for all lovers of natural monuments and floral fairs. You will have time to relax, enjoy the surrounding countryside, investigate the mysterious recesses of local caves and, at the end, visit the international horticultural and flower exhibition Flora.

Tips for trips:

Selected nature trails in the region:

  • History and Nature of Litovel and its surroundings (trail length: 3.5 km, difficulty: low, time needed: 2 - 3 h, number of stops: 26)
  • Nové Zámky Romantic Area (trail length: 8 km, difficulty: low, time needed: 3 h, number of stops: 9)
  • Along the Teresian Valley (trail length: 6 km, difficulty: low, time needed: 2 - 3 h, number of stops: 11)
  • Along the Bystřice Valley (trail length: 13 km, difficulty: medium, time needed: 4.5 h, number of stops: 11)
  • Arboretum Bystrovany u Olomouce
  • Bezruč Parks in Olomouc, Botanic Garden with Rosarium in Olomouc, Meditation Garden in Lipník nad Bečvou
  • Protected landscape areas (Localities of European Significance) Bečva-Žebračka, Malý Kosíř and others.
  • Bouzov Castle (guided tour)
  • Náměšt na Hané Chateau (guided tour) free of charge

More information and other nature trails can be found at www.central-moravia.cz/en

Programme price:
20-30 paying clients: 1.980 CZK/1 client
31-40 paying clients: 1.860 CZK/1 client
41-50 paying clients: 1.790 CZK/1 client
Free accommodation for 1 driver

The price includes:
VAT, mandatory insurance against the bankruptcy of the travel agency, travel agency courier for the whole duration of the trip, Olomouc Region Card (48 hours), accommodation in a double room with a bathroom (TV on request), half-board, all entry fees, visits and programmes

The price does not include:
transport (transport may be provided on request), accident insurance

CK Régio
customer service unit,
Palackého 205/6
697 01 Kyjov
Green line: 800 109 209
e-mail: info@chata.cz

Length of route: km; ? km (by the map source);  route elevation profile: type of program: for new experiences

Type of program: for new experiences

Plan of program

Day 1

Zbrašov Aragonite Caves (destination) from 09:00

meeting your courier, visit to the Zbrašov Aragonite Caves

The caves form a complex system of corridors, domes, chimneys and rifts in several layers decorated with unique karst fillings - "onyx" wall coatings, aragonite crystal aggregates, and "geyser" stalagmites, as well as some "gaseous lakes". With an underground air temperature of about 14˚C, the caves are the warmest in the Czech Republic. The caves are not far from the Teplice nad Bečvou spa, which focuses especially on cardio-rehabilitation. The tour around the caves lasts 50 minutes.

Hranice Abyss (destination) from 11:00

a walk to the Hranice Abyss along the nature trail through the Hůrka u Hranic National Nature Reserve

One of the deepest abysses in Europe (over 289.5 m deep), it most probably originated as a result of the collapse of the ceilings of caves that formed in the limestone block. Its origin is also connected with the legend of the debauched knight Rolf, who was punished by being entombed under the ground together with his castle and his entourage.

Teplice nad Bečvou (municipality) from 12:00
lunch in Teplice nad Bečvou
Bílá Lhota Arboretum (destination) from 14:30

visit to the Bílá Lhota Arboretum

The Arboretum in Bílá Lhota contains not only local trees but also rare European and overseas woodland species.

Javoříčko Caves (destination) from 16:00

visit to Javoříčské jeskyně (Javoříčko Caves)

The caves originated in an island of Devon limestone and their development was influenced by the Špraněk brook. The major part of the caves was discovered in 1938. The walk from the car park to the caves lasts about fifteen minutes and ends with a climb up a hill. Then you will walk through mysteriously lit labyrinths and listen to relaxing music. The tour lasts 60 minutes.

Litovel (municipality) from 18:00
  • Accommodation
  • Dinner and free time

Day 2

Litovel (municipality) 08:00 - 09:00
Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area (CHKO Litovelské Pomoraví) (destination) from 10:00

walk around the Litovelské Pomoraví Nature Reserve

We recommend the circular nature trail across the Třesín hill - starting and ending in Mladeč and about 8 km long, the trail offers 9 stops (at the end the trail leads through the romantic Liechtenstein area).

Litovel (municipality) from 12:30
Mladeč Caves (destination) from 14:00

Visit to the Mladeč caves

Complex labyrinth of rift corridors and domes formed in the limestone hill of Třesín. The underground chambers are richly decorated with dripstones and sinter inflows. The most beautiful parts include the so-called Temple of Nature or Cave of the Virgin. The tour lasts 40 minutes.


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