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Romantic peaceful spots, high city walls, dark towers, and beautiful parks. During your three-day visit to the mysterious castles and charming chateaux of Central Moravia, you will feel
as if you were in a fairy tale.

Tips for trips:

  • Pleasure boat trip along the Morava River through historical Olomouc

Lukavice - Moravičany (length of the trip: 16 km); Moravičany - Litovel (length of the trip: 10 km); It is a whole-day trip

  • Night visits to theatres, clubs or concerts in Olomouc (e.g. Moravian Theatre, Theatre of Music, Tatters Theatre (Divadlo na cucky), Convict Theatre, Gallery at the Theatre of Music, Museum of Art…

Programme price:
20-30 paying clients: 2.680 CZK/1 client
31-40 paying clients: 2.490 CZK/1 client
41-50 paying clients: 2.390 CZK/1 client
Free accommodation for 1 driver

The price includes:
VAT, mandatory insurance against the bankruptcy of the travel agency, travel agency courier for the whole duration of the trip, Olomouc Region Card (48 hours), accommodation in a double room in a 3-star hotel with a bathroom (TV on request), full-board, all entry fees, visits and programmes

The price does not include:
transport (transport may be provided on request), accident insurance

CK Régio
customer service unit,
Palackého 205/6
697 01 Kyjov
Green line: 800 109 209
e-mail: info@chata.cz

Length of route: km; ? km (by the map source);  route elevation profile: type of program: for new experiences

Type of program: for new experiences

Plan of program

Day 1

Bouzov Castle (destination) 09:00 - 11:00

arrival at Bouzov - one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic, especially popular with filmmakers; meeting your courier

You can choose from two sightseeing tours:

1.) The "Bouzov Castle" tour leads visitors through the ceremonial and residential rooms of the castle. The visit lasts 60-70 minutes.

2.) The "How the Castle is Built" tour enables the visitors to become familiar with the fortification and technical background of the castle (water supply, heat supply, communication system) and is suitable for able-bodied visitors. The visit lasts 60-80 minutes.

Museum of Olomouc Tvarůžky A.W. (Mature Curd Cheese Museum) (destination) 13:30 - 14:15
Tvarůžky Desserts (destination) 14:15 - 15:00
Šternberk Castle (destination) from 15:00

a coach ride to Šternberk, visit to Šternberk Castle (established by the Liechtensteins)

This originally Gothic castle with interesting interior decoration from the 14th-19th centuries, unique collections of Gothic and Renaissance wooden sculptures and glazed tile stoves. The "Large Circuit" includes the chapel, corridors and rooms on the first floor equipped with the furniture of the last owners and collections of items brought from closed castles and chateaux in Central Moravia. The visit lasts 80-100 minutes.

Olomouc (municipality) from 17:30
arrival at the hotel in Olomouc, accommodation and dinner
Olomouc (municipality) from 19:00

short guided night tour of the centre

Olomouc belongs among the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. The monumentality of its cathedrals and churches combines with the magnificence of its palaces and the beauty of the baroque fountains and columns - the Holy Trinity Column is in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Day 2

Olomouc (municipality) 08:00 - 09:00
Náměšť na Hané Chateau (destination) 09:30 - 11:30

a coach ride to the Náměšť na Hané chateau

Located in the middle of a circular park with four paths leading to the main points of the compass, the chateau hosts a collection of historical perambulators and a collection of Meissen china. The visit lasts 70-80 minutes.

Náměšť na Hané (municipality) 12:00 - 13:00
Plumlov Chateau (destination) from 13:00

a coach ride to Plumlov, visit to the chateau

The building of this early Mannerist chateau on the site of a castle from the 13th century was started in 1680 by Jan Adam of Liechtenstein. Only one of the planned four monumental wings was finished.

Tovačov Chateau (destination) from 15:00

a coach ride to Tovačov, visit to the chateau

A unique feature of this chateau is the 100-metre high "Graceful Tower" offering a view over the ponds and meadow forests around Tovačov. In the left wing of the chateau, you can climb a beautiful copy of the staircase at the Vienna Opera House. The visit lasts 60 minutes.

Přerov (municipality) from 17:30
departure to the hotel, accommodation
Přerov (municipality) from 19:00
Dinner, free time

Day 3

Přerov (municipality) 07:30 - 08:30
Comenius Museum (destination) from 09:30
visit to the castle and present seat of the Comenius Museum in Přerov
Lipník nad Bečvou (municipality) from 11:00
Helfštýn Castle (destination) from 13:30


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