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Ornithological Rarities of Central Moravia

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Do you find the quiet rustling of wings to be a calming experience? Do you enjoy listening to the melodious singing of birds? Are you fascinated by the elegance of motion and flight? Central Moravia is home to a great number of ornithological rarities. The three-day program offers participants the opportunity to study birds in their natural environment: near ponds and lakes and in nature reserves.

Žebračka National Nature Reserve

The nature reserve has an area of 234.9 ha. Žebračka represents a unique remnant of the original extensive riparian forests of the Bečva River alluvial plain. The territory is valuable from both a botanical and zoological perspective. The reserve also has great ornithological importance as a crossroads of bird migration routes, as a nesting site and as a habitat for up to 75 species of birds. The site is also home to significant mollusc, amphibian and reptile communities.

Length of route: km; ? km (by the map source);  route elevation profile: type of program: for new experiences

Type of program: for new experiences

Plan of program

Day 1

Přerov (municipality)

arrival at hotel, check-in; free program

Day 2

Přerov (municipality) till 09:00

breakfast at hotel at 8am; departure from hotel

Tovačov (municipality) 09:30 - 14:00

visit to Tovačov Lakes (Tovačov Lakes - in the springtime terns and many species of ducks pass through the area, and Fish Hawks are also present; in the autumn numerous wading birds and plovers can be seen; Tovačov Lakes - Small and Northern Divers, Brown Scoters and Long-tailed Ducks, ospreys and terns in the spring); lunch

Přerov (municipality) 14:30 - 17:30

visit to the Žebračka reserve (Žebračka National Nature Reserve - species that can be seen include Black Woodpecker, Great, Middle and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Green and Grey Woodpecker, Collared Flycatcher, as well as Black Stork and several pairs of Common Buzzard in outlying areas. ORNIS - the lone specialized ornithological museum in Central Europe.); return to hotel

Day 3

Přerov (municipality) till 09:00

breakfast at hotel at 8:00; departure from hotel

Bystřice pod Hostýnem (municipality) 09:45 - 14:00

excursion to Hostýn Highlands (species that can be seen include White-backed Woodpecker and Red-breasted Flycatcher, raven, Honey Buzzard, Black Stork and the last nesting pairs of Ring Ouzel); departure


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