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This three-day program introduces guests to the history and aristocracy of Central Moravia at the regions castles and chateaux. Travel back in time for several centuries and admire the work of Old Masters, the deceiving simplicity of Gothic art, pure Renaissance elegance and grandiose Baroque ornamentation.

Optional activities


Olomouc offers numerous opportunities for cultural, social and sports entertainment, including theatre, concerts of classical and popular music, and annual festivals and celebrations. Those who enjoy the night life can visit the town's clubs, discos and game rooms. Multi-purpose sports centres and a new waterpark are available to those in search of exercise and relaxation possibilities.


Known primarily as a sports town, Přerov is an ideal place for active relaxation. Famous for its ties to tennis, Přerov has one of the largest clubs in the country. The facility offers 25 courts and is located near the centre of town. The numerous bike paths winding through Přerov provide for pleasant rides on bikes and inline skates during the summer months. Modern sports centres are also available. A schedule of annual social and cultural events held in town is available at your hotel.

Length of route: km; ? km (by the map source);  route elevation profile: type of program: for new experiences

Type of program: for new experiences

Plan of program

Day 1

Olomouc (municipality)

arrival at hotel, check-in; tour of the Přemyslid Castle and historical centre; free program

Day 2

Olomouc (municipality) till 08:15

breakfast at hotel at 7.30am; departure from hotel

Náměšť na Hané Chateau (destination) 09:00 - 10:00

tour of Náměšť na Hané Chateau (French-style Baroque chateau)

Bouzov (municipality) 10:45 - 13:00

tour of Bouzov Castle (Romantic Bouzov Castle was built in the 19th century on the foundations of a medieval castle by Archduke Eugene Habsburg as the seat of the Order of the Teutonic Knights. The castle is a popular setting for fairytales and films.); lunch

Úsov Chateau (destination) 13:45 - 15:00

tour of Úsov Chateau (Liechtenstein family hunting chateau, one of the oldest preserved Moravian chateaux, built in the style of a French castle)

Šternberk Castle (destination) 15:45 - 17:00

tour of Šternberk Castle (Šternberk Castle - originally a medieval defence palace with a preserved cylindrical tower and remnants of fortifications, held by the Liechtenstein family in the years 1699-1945. The rich castle ornamentation features elements ranging from the Gothic to Art Nouveau.)

Přerov (municipality) from 18:00

arrival in Přerov, check-in at hotel; free program

Day 3

Přerov (municipality) till 10:00

breakfast at hotel at 8am, checkout; tour of Přerov Chateau (chateau - home of the Comenius Museum in Přerov)

Týn nad Bečvou (municipality) 10:30 - 12:45

tour of Helfštýn Castle (The massive ruins of Helfštýn Castle are among the largest in Central Europe. The castle is known primarily as the site of the annual international Hefaiston artistic blacksmith symposium.); lunch

Tovačov Chateau (destination) 13:45 - 14:45

tour of Tovačov Chateau (Tovačov Chateau - established in the second half of the 11th century as a hunters' safehold, it later served as a well-protected water fortress. The chateau enjoyed its heyday in the 15th century. The left wing of the chateau contains a fine copy of the staircase from the Vienna State Opera.)

Plumlov Chateau (destination) 15:30 - 16:30

tour of Plumlov Chateau (Liechtenstein family chateau built in 1680-1688 by John Adam of Liechtenstein); departure


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