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The chateau contains the Comenius Museum and from its tower there is a splendid view of the town and its surroundings: Michalov Park, the Žebračka alluvial forest and Popovický Hill. Surrounding the square are beautiful town walls, and in the centre there is the Neo-Renaissance Municipal Hall with rich stucco work and Art Nouveau elements. It is both a cultural and social centre in which various concerts, theatrical and social events take place. One of the most famous of these is the Czechoslovak Jazz Festival in October with performers from all over the world, held annually since 1966. The international Přerov Grand Prix takes place here, as well as autocross and motocross races. If you like sports, try the Sport Centre, which offers squash, bowling, miniature golf, or the Tennis Centre, one of the largest in the Czech Republic. The Přerov Swimming Centre offers indoor and outdoor swimming as well as water sports and relaxation. Here for example is a Relaxation Centre with reconditioning tables for regeneration of the locomotory system or improving one’s condition, as well as sauna, tanning, and massage. At Laguna, the natural outdoor swimming area in Přerov, there is also a Skatepark.


  • Přerovsko