The oldest period

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There has been a permanent settlement in the Central Moravia region since primeval ages. The oldest evidences about contemporary human type presence were found in Mladečské caves; the age of the relics found is estimated to 34 000 years.

Professor Maška rendered very important findings in 1894 in Předmostí u Přerova, where he uncovered remains of a settlement from the period of mammoth hunters, including a mass grave of twenty people, which is the world's rarity up until today. Many objects made of copper and tin had been preserved from previous periods; these confirm that Haná was already an important centre of trade in that period, and main merchant's routes led through Haná.

There are outstanding signs of a settlement by Celts, who built their opidda here; most important among these is Staré Hradisko near Prostějov. Celts' arms, jewellery, coins, and tools were discovered also in Olomouc, during currently constructions.

After Celts, Germanic tribes inhabited Moravian region, and later on, Roman legionaries advanced to the region, who fought the Germans in long-lasting battles. From these periods, remains of a marching camp are preserved in Olomouc-Neředín, built probably during the reign of Marcus Aurelius between 170-185 A.D. Furthermore, the Romans left their ceramics and trade workshops, civil buildings, and a burial ground (Kostelec na Hané) here. During the period of Movement of Nations, many various ethics passed through Central Moravia, until Slavs have settled here in 6th century.