Modern era

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Advancement of new processes and production organization, which had begun already in 18th century, accelerated rapidly in 19th century.

This applied mainly to the textile industry, which was transmitted here from Jeseníky region. Construction of the famous Ferdinand's railway from Vienna to Olomouc, which was inaugurated in 1841, was another important event.

The development continued undisturbed since, not having been threat by the new Prussian-Austrian was during the 1860s. The look of many cities changed substantially in the following decades. In Olomouc, the defence fortress system, which held back the economical and constructional development of the city, was being further improved during the following years by building little fortresses around the city. Only in 1886, Olomouc was relieved of the fortress city status by an imperial decree. Construction activities broke out in 1894, when the ramparts are left in order to enlarge living zones and to construct new plants. The engineering industry appeared in the region, represented by Wichterle's factory in Prostějov, for example.

The often-remembered event of this period, which importance stepped beyond the region's borders, was assumption of empire throne by Franz Joseph I. This happened on December 2, 1848, in the Archbishop's palace.