Influence of the Hussite Wars

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After break out of the Hussite Wars, Olomouc resisted the Calixtins and with the help of financial means it tried to strengthen the crusade army.

The bishop of Olomouc Jan Železný fought with the Hussites successfully until 1423, which was then followed by a campaign of Jan Žižka to Moravia. The Hussites field forces did not spare Haná and burnt down many villages and monasteries. Olomouc was besieged, however, not successfully.

Other towns such as Prostějov were not so fortunate and were plundered and damaged. In 1431 destruction was completed by the passing army of Albrecht of Austria whom Moravia later accepted as a sovereign. Inhabitants started to put blame on the Jewish population for the war horrors and as a result of the situation the Jews were moved out of Olomouc and other royal towns by force. They established their own villages in Úsov, Prostějov and in particular in Tovačov and Kojetín, where the Czech oldest preserved synagogue is situated. In 1468 Hungarian king Matyáš Korvín invaded Moravia to fight against George of Poděbrady. Moravia accepted Matyáš as a king, he was crowned in Olomouc a year later.