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Illustrations of Renaissance Art in Central Moravia are predominantly extensive adaptations of manors, medieval castles (Šternberk), town palaces as well as newly built castles (Račice, Hranice, Ivanovice na Hané, Chudobín, Chropyně), and Renaissance town halls.

The most exquisite Renaissance architecture works can be seen right in Olomouc. From those never to be omitted worth seeing are richly ornamented palaces, Hauenschildt´s House on Lower Square (wit a monumental corner ambulatory) and Edelman´s Palace on Upper Square. Further, Edelman´s funeral chapel at the Church of St. Mořic and the portal and loggia of the town hall. As an example of Renaissance plastic art in Olomouc serves monumental bronze tomb plate of Bishop Mark Kuen in Olomouc Dome.

Other historical monuments worth mentioning are in the first place a lovely Renaissance tower in Lipník nad Bečvou and beautiful portals of the town hall and the manor in Prostějov, Rennaisance ceiling paintings in Šternberk Castle or the arcade of the former fort in Krakovec near Litovel.

Renaissance arts lovers will definitely get captured by sepulchers in the Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury in Mohelnice. In proximity, in the building of Mohelnice Museum, is deposited a valuable relic of Renaissance mural painting illustrating the parable of a wealthy person and Lazarus.