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A huge number of both big Baroque buildings and small monuments make Central Moravia region a textbook of Baroque arts.

Significant secular constructions amount to the following remarkable sights: Plumlov Castle, Baroque castle constructions in Dlouhá Loučka and a Rococo manor in Náměšť. Baroque sculptures and columns e.g. the statue of Virgin Mary in Uničov, and picturesque Baroque churches embellish almost every village. Among the better-known are for instance the Church of Merciful Brethren in Prostějov, parish churches in Kojetín, Holešov and Hranice, out of rural constructions e.g. the church in Slatinice u Olomouce. Pilgrimage church complexes on Svatý Kopeček u Olomouce and in Dub na Moravě represent true Baroque treasures.

For their uniqueness, these beautiful religious sights even surpass world famous sights of Olomouc, which are the 35-meter high Holy Trinity Plague Column decorated with statues of 36 saints, the most colossal sculpture group in Middle Europe, and a unique set of six Baroque fountains decorated with ancient themes. Worth mentioning are also other Baroque gems of Olomouc such as the cloister at Hradisko, a complex of university buildings with a Jesuit school, the Church of Virgin Mary of Snow and Corpus Christi Chapel ornamented with Jan Kryštof Handtke´s frescos, the Church of St. Michal with three monumental cupolas, the column of Virgin Mary on Lower Square or the access front of Petrášův Palace and Green Tree House.