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Prostějov Chateau

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Prohlídkové okruhy Prostějovem
29.6. – 31.8.2019
Prostějov (less than 1 km)
Plumlovský kotlík
31.8.2019 (10:00)
Autokemp Žralok (6 km)
PLUMLOVSKÉ VERBOVÁNÍ - šermířská historická akce
24. – 25.8.2019 (10:00)
Zámek Plumlov (6 km)
Zámecký ples v Čechách pod Kosířem
Zámek Čechy pod Kosířem (9 km)
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The chateau, formerly part of the city walls, was constructed by Johann of Pernštejn in 1522–1526.

In the late 16th century, it was redeveloped in Renaissance style, which is documented by an entrance portal of historic and artistic value which ranks amongst the most beautiful portals in Moravia. In the mid-17th century, both the city and the chateau were burnt down by the Swedes. The last conversion of the building dates back to the early 20th century when a sgraffito façade was constructed. Now there is a Regional Tourist Centre.


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Prostějov Chateau

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