Pilgrimage church of the Purification of the Virgin Mary

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According to legend, people began to congregate at the pilgrimage church of the Purification of the Virgin Mary due to a wooden painting of the Virgin Mary which would shine during the night.

The pilgrimage tradition has continued for more than 250 years. At present the church is the site of an annual special celebration of a pilgrimage mass with the participation of the Olomouc Archbishop who is accompanied by the local church choir. Visitors to the church can also admire the excellent baroque décor.

The church was built by architect Klíčník between 1734 and 1756. The pilgrimage church originated at the turn of the 18th century and for over 200 years has been the destination of pilgrims who arrive to pay homage to the graceful painting of the Virgin Mary of Dub. In the year 1731 the so-called Marian Residence was built next to the church to house auxiliary priests. This structure was later joined to the church and serves today as the rectory. Several large statues are also found on church grounds, including those of St Florian, St John Nepomuk, and St Joseph.

Main pilgrimages

• On "Cherub" feast (the first Sunday in September - known as St. Guardian Angel feast /2 September/ in the old religious calendar)
• All Souls' Day (the third Sunday in October)

Address and contact

783 75 Dub nad Moravou