The fortress is one of the best preserved parts of the imperial fortification system of Olomouc, and its history dates back to 1850, when Emperor Franz Josef I. and the Russian Tsar Nicolas visited the construction site.

The fort is the best preserved of the Imperial system of fortifications of the town of Olomouc, the history of which dates back to the year 1850 when the building site was visited by Emperor Francis Joseph I and the Russian Tsar Nicholas. The decorative style of the main entrance to the building is created in the English Neo-Gothic Winsdor type. It is a fort of a permanent character built over the years 1850 to 1854 according to a design by the director of the engineers and head designer of the Olomouc fort fortifications Julius von Wurmb.

The grounds have an area of approximately 60,000m² and have been recorded as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

Opening hours

July, August Tuesday-Sunday 11:00 - 17:00
April-June, September Saturday, Sunday 11:00 - 17:00


Area and museum: 50 CZK
Museum: Full 35 CZK
Reduced 25 CZK
Family 90 CZK
Photography: 10 CZK
Filming: 15 CZK

Address and contact

Na Fortu 392/1
778 36 Křelov