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Botanical garden with rosarium

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Address and contact

Lampionový průvod
28.10.2019 (14:30)
Horní náměstí, Olomouc (less than 1 km)
Téma Krabatina jako centrum periferie
12.11.2019 (18:00)
Arcidiecézní muzeum Olomouc – Mozarteum (6 km)
Jaromír Gottlieb: Obrazy krajiny uvnitř slov
27.11.2019 (18:00)
Arcidiecézní muzeum v Olomouci – Mozarteum (6 km)
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The total area of the Botanical Garden is 8 ha and there you can find e.g. a Rosarium, an Alpinum, the so-called Garden of Nations or short-term exhibitions of spring or summer bulbous or tuberous plants.

The botanical garden spreads out on the area of the Crown bastion and you can feast your eyes on the rose garden, rock garden, nations' gardens, and temporary exhibits of spring and summer plants.

The rosarium is filled with 10,000 rose bushes of 670 cultivars and is stretched over 3.5 ha of geometric concrete zones.

The left bank of Mlýnský potok, which separates the botanical garden from the rest of Bezručovy sady, is transformed regularly every spring into natural exposition of major domestic species of grove flora. Along the banks of the creek, the visitors can then see flowers of snowdrops, spring snowflakes, Carpathian squils, corydalises and anemones. But other rare species (e.g. martagon lily, wild garlic, Solomon's seal) are represented as well.

The alpinum is an exposition on the terrace of the fortress ramparts. Its dominant features are the dwarf conifers, of which the most interesting among them are pine Pinus strobus, Pinus parviflora and Californian pine with resin effusions on the needles. This species, originally from North American Rocky Mountains, represents the oldest trees of the world, because they live up to 4 000 years. Another interesting example is conifer Microbiota decussata - originated in the Far East, discovered in 1921, and into the world of landscape architecture spread by Czech professionals. The visitor can also see flowers of saffrons, irises, squils, fritillaries, pasqueflowers, saxifrages, botanical tulips and daffodils, clematises, mouse-ear chickweeds, primroses, etc.

Opening hours

April-October: Tu-Su 9.30-18.00

Admission fee

basic 30 CZK | reduced 20 CZK


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Botanical garden with rosarium

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